Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lobster Boil

New England shoreline is famous for its lobsters. As the weather warms up, lobsters are more abundance and the price became very reasonable too. Last month we had a chance to spend spring break in Maine and of course to feast on lobsters. We went to Portland fish market to get some fresh lobsters. The big lobster was $9.99/lb and the smaller one (1-1 1/4lb) was $7.99/lb. When I lived in the South, lobster never cost less than $11.99/lb.

Imagine my surprise when my local grocery had a sale on lobsters for $4.99/lb on memorial day weekend. Actually in my town, every Friday there is a seafood truck that sells fresh lobster and fish directly from Maine, but I have yet to check it.

Every spring I always cook some low country boil, but this year I just prepare something simpler. No sausages, crabs or potatoes, just 3 main ingredients, lobsters, shrimps and corn boiled down with old bay seasonings and we had a wonderful evening with those shellfish. Next time probably I'll cook Chinese style lobster.